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Nominate Cheeses Of Muswell Hill for the Love London Awards


Cheeses of Muswell Hill needs your VOTE


We have been entered into to Timeout’s Love London Awards, an award that celebrates local,restaurants, bars, pubs, cafés, shops and cultural venues that make our towns and local areas amazing!

Muswell Hill is famous for the amount of fantastic independent shops that we have, we have a small village feel, which is lovely and set us apart from other places in London.

Once home to London’s greatest ever band, The Kinks, Muswell Hill is now filled with families and young professionals  who like to live on the capital’s peaks when they’re not off skiing. The Broadway boasts an excellent range of fancy/arty shops, good restaurants and smart pubs.

We are lucky enough to be one of the oldest shops in Muswell Hill, we will be 39 years old next year and we believe we are an asset to the local area if you think so too,

Please vote for us in the Love London Awards and show some local love!

From all the team at Cheeses, Thank you in advance!


Click here to vote! 


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