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Cheese Making in Hereford


As often as we can, the staff at Cheeses of Muswell try to visit as many suppliers as possible. We buy direct from over 50 suppliers in the UK alone, so we are slowly making are way thought them all. Recently Jessica and Morgan took a trip to stunning Hereford, to visit Charles Martell who makes one of the best British soft cheeses around Stinking Bishop.


charles martell

Charles began breeding the critically endangered Old Gloucester cows and making cheese with their milk. The cheese-making started with researching and reviving the making of Single Gloucester cheese because it had died out. It is a fine undervalued younger sister of the better known Double Gloucester. In 1997 Charles succeeded in getting Single Gloucester cheese the coveted Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). So it now ranks alongside Stilton cheese and Champagne.

Over the past 4 decades, Charles has developed a range of hard and soft cheeses, the best known being Stinking Bishop.




Also to do a bit of Cheese making with Monkland Cheese dairy.

Monkland Cheese Dairy is dairy 2 miles west of Leominster in Herefordshire. Here we make Little Hereford cheese to Ellen Yelds 1918 recipe.

Here the girls had a go at making, Little Hereford a hard farmhouse cheese made with unpasteurised milk from one local dairy herd. It has creamy texture with a good lingering flavour.


All dressed and ready to start cheese making!


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The Little Hereford

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A cave full of the finished product! YUM!





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  1. Madeleine Lapsley 26/11/2020 Reply

    Do you have stinking bishop please and if so what is the cost ?

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