Brie with Truffles

Beautiful, creamy indulgent Brie de Meaux with a layer of cream and fresh black and white truffles……it is AMAZING!
This decadent truffle Brie is sure to be the star of your holiday party. A buttery wheel of Brie de Meaux is carefully deconstructed and stuffed with a thick layer of creamy, black truffle-studded mascarpone to create a delectable, three-layer sandwich of rich, silky cheese. Bursting with truffle flavor in every mouthful, this gooey delight has hints of olive oil and mushroom, and its fudgy, speckled center is as good-looking as it is delicious. It makes the perfect companion to a glass of champagne, so pop a bottle and toast to this incredible seasonal treat.

This is a rich and decadent cheese to take your cheese board to new heights. Truffled cream is sandwiched between our delicious natural tasting Brie. Using locally sourced full fat cow’s milk and Italian Black Truffles and Porcini mushrooms. It has a highly aromatic earthy flavour and is suitable for Vegetarians.
A creamy, grassy tasting soft cheese, with a natural edible white rind made from pasteurised cow’s milk. Carry’s on maturing in the fridge for up to 7 weeks becoming stronger and softer.


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Country of Origin


Brie region






For Pregnant Women


Raw Milk



6 Weeks

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