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Vacherin Mont D’Or in NEXT WEEK!!!

Vacherin Mont D’Or is nearly here! The most long-awaited cheese of the year is finally coming back to Muswell Hill and we’re very, very excited.

Our Vacherin Mont D’Or is produced in the North-East of France, near the mountains of Switzerland, in the Franche-Comté. This is the same area where our popular Comté and Morbier cheeses come from. It is made from delicious unpasteurised cow’s milk, washed in brine and wrapped in attractive spruce bark which adds to the rich, grassy flavours.

The best way to enjoy Vacherin Mont D’Or is when it’s deliciously ripe and runny, dipping in some freshly baked bread. Or many prefer to bake it with a little white wine, garlic and rosemary and enjoy the cheese hot, fondue-style. See our recipe page for tips. Yum!

A word of warning: Vacherin doesn’t start to be at it’s best until late October, so you’ll have to be patient. But it’s most definitely worth the wait!


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