In Pursuit of Cheeseyness


Cheese Making in Hereford

As often as we can, the staff at Cheeses of Muswell try to visit as many suppliers as possible. We buy direct from over 50


Tunworth made by Stacey Hedges and Charlotte Spruce in Hampshire and named after the nearby hamlet of Tunworth. Stacey and her head cheesemaker and business

We are valentines Ready!

So only a few days to go…..and in the cheese shop we are getting ready for all you cheese lovers out there With lots and

Cheese Wedding Cakes

Cheese Celebration Cakes   Cheeses of Muswell Hill have been designing and creating the most delicious cheese wedding cakes for over 10 years. We have

Burns Night Cheeses

Burns Nights Cheese   Burns night is a celebration of Robert Burns author of many Scottish poems, the Burns supper Is a celebration of the