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Sunday Brunch Cheese Selection


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Jessica L

The cheese selection that was featured on this weeks sunday brunch, owner of cheeses of muswell & Sunday Brunches resident cheese expert was on this week talking all about the must have christmas cheese for your festive cheese board.

Firstly we have the Rosemary Manchego Rosemary Manchego is a unpasteurised sheep’s cheese coated with rosemary and aged for ten months. It has a dense and lightly crunchy texture, with buttery and herbal aromas. It is full flavoured and savoury, delicate and elegant with a long and balanced finish. Our Rosemary Manchego comes from the region of Castilla La Mancha where Mancha sheep produce an aromatic and rich milk. This milk blends beautifully with Rosemary and gives this Manchego a special twist. It is a ‘must’ cheese for any Festive cheeseboard! EXCLUSIVE to Cheeses of Muswell Hill

For a festive pairing try this with sugared cranberries or with Quince .

Next is Lancashire Bob’s Knob,

A 2 year old Lancashire this is one powerful cheese that is wonderful at the end of a meal with a good red wine. Full of flavour it does remind some of a blue and even sometimes has a stilton quality about it even though there is no blue in it. It is a hard pressed cheese that is slightly crumbly but is the gift that just keeps on giving, a cheese connoisseur delight, available in 350g waxed truckles.

This is a winner on any cheese board but is particularly good with Lancashire Plum Bread & Christmas cake

350g each – serves 2-3 people

Bronze award winner at the British Cheese Awards 2011.

Lastly another Christmas favourite in the cheese shop Camembert with Truffles

Beautiful, creamy indulgent camembert de normandie with a layer of cream, fresh black and white truffles……it is AMAZING!

This decadent truffle camembert is sure to be the star of your holiday party. A creamy wheel of camembert is carefully deconstructed and stuffed with a thick layer of creamy, black truffle-studded mascarpone to create a delectable, three-layer sandwich of rich, silky cheese. Bursting with truffle flavor in every mouthful, this gooey delight has hints of olive oil and mushroom, and its fudgy, speckled center is as good-looking as it is delicious. It makes the perfect companion to a glass of champagne, so pop a bottle and toast to this incredible seasonal treat.

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