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Show British Cheese Makers some love this valentines – Save British Cheese!


This valentine’s day show some love to our British cheese makers!!!

This is our “save British cheese box” 

British cheese production is suffering!  It desperately needs your support during this current pandemic.  You can help by placing an order for this selection of three key cheeses.

The cheese industry has been hugely effected by the pandemic, with many farms closing, many losing up to 90% of trade. We want to ensure that the production of farmhouse British cheese remains sustainable and all these farms are here for many years to come. With our support we can ensure this will happen. 

By buying one of the support boxes will help to sustain British farm cheese and ensure it continues to be available to enjoy .

We love our British cheese maker and we are grateful that we have such a large range of amazing cheeses in the uk! 

Buy A Support Box Now 








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