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Summer Soft Cheese Box

September Box – As featured on Sunday Brunch


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As featured on Sunday Brunch, Channel 4

This box contains our favourite seasonal cheeses, as followed.

Plus Quince and Biscuits


First cheese we are is one of our brand new French cheeses, it
has only been available over the last month, and it is a Brie de Meaux and
I’m serving it with a sandwich of fresh mixed herbs from the Alpine region

This cheese is made by a small family run business called Bellerive, A soft
and pungent classic, Brie de Meaux was named ‘The King of Cheeses’ for
its unarguable flavour and texture


The second cheese we are trying is a halloumi cheese from Sussex, made
by the High Weald Dairy. This award winning Dairy has won numerous
awards across the world including super gold World Cheese Awards, in
Bergamo, Italy in 2019


The Last Cheese is 36 month Manchego with quince.

This is a match made in heaven! You get the gentle but sharp tart
manchego taste in contrast with the super sweet quince flavour! A classic
Spanish combination






Baked Halloumi 



  1. Preheat your grill to its high setting. Unwrap the halloumi and pat it dry. Using a sharp knife, score a criss-cross pattern into the top of the halloumi, cutting halfway through the cheese. Pop it in a small baking dish or tray, drizzle over 1 tbsp olive oil and crack over a little black pepper.
    Cut half the figs into quarters and halve the rest. Arrange the figs around the halloumi.
    Slide the halloumi under the grill for 9 mins, then check it. It should be a deep brown on top and opening up as it melts. Cook for a little longer if it’s still uncooked nearer the bottom of the cheese. The figs should have softened and be slightly caramelised.
    Take the halloumi out from under the grill. Immediately dirzzle over 2 tbsp honey and satter over the thyme leaves. Add a squeeze of lemon juice Serve the halloumi while it’s still hot and melty.


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