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Summer Soft Cheese Box

As featured on Sunday Brunch, Channel 4

This box contains our favourite summer soft cheeses, as followed.

Plus Quince and Biscuits


Kidderton Ash is a silky-smooth goats cheese made with milk from our herd. Each cheese is coated and matured with ash for a distinctive finish that is furry and speckled.




is Britain’s first unpasteurised Brie to be made on the farm in traditional large wheels, ladled by hand with milk from the farm’s French-bred Montbeliarde cows. It is aged to perfect ripeness, with a rich buttery softness towards the rind contrasted by a fresh, lactic core.



Cornish Brie has a delicious mild and creamy flavour and melting, smooth texture. The rich and creamy Cornish milk gives it a characteristic yellow, buttery colour. Makers Cornish Country Larder also do an added-cream version of this called St Endellion, plus a rather good hard goats’ cheese, Village Green.






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