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NEW Autumn Cheese Board

Included in this perfect autumnal cheeseboard is:

Valencay (goat pyramid) 
This Raw Milk goats cheese is a Cheeses of Muswell Hill Fav. With a complex favour.
From fourth generation cheesemaker Pascal Jacquin, it has a distinctive, mellow flavour, and just a hint of lemon. Originally fashioned as a pyramid with a point, the cheese has been truncated ever since Napoleon reportedly sliced the top off in anger, as it reminded him of his military failures in Egypt.


The sharp, nutty, fruity taste of Mimolette also includes sweet hints of butterscotch. Its brilliant orange colour makes it the focus of any cheese platter.The Mimolette is a most unusual cheese, spherical like an Edam but with a rough moon-like surface and a bright orange interior. It resembles a melon when cut open.

Shropshire Blue 

A fantastic blue cheese , made by Sparkenhoe dairy from the family’s own pedigree Holstein-Friesian cows. It has a beautiful, peachy coloured paste, shot through with meandering blue veins, and a mellow rich and buttery taste.


Banned on all French underground, this is Burgundy’s most pungent cheese and its most famous. Epoisses Gaugry has a soft, oozy, luscious texture and a rich, savoury and powerful flavour.


The Spanish have been making Membrillo for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.Made from the finest hand-selected Spanish quinces. To get such an intense flavour and colour. The perfect pairing for cheese.


The clocks have gone back, the leaves have turned to orange and red and the evenings have grown considerable darker. As the cold autumn nights draw in, what better way to spend an evening than with friends, food and wine by candlelight? So heres the perfect autumnal cheeseboard for a cheese and wine party.




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