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Blue brain cheese



Founders Juerg and Mike produce all their cheeses in the Emmental region of Switzerland, using milk from their own cows. The cheesemakers’ speciality is their trade marked “Belper Knolle” – a hard raw cow’s milk cheese that’s rolled in a mix of Himalayan salt, dried garlic and pepper, which gives the cheese a truffle-like appearance. But it was the “Blue Brain” which intrigued me most. I’d never seen anything like it. I love blue cheese, but this looked barely edible! It took a little persuasion before I built up the courage to taste it. Verdict: a smooth and creamy texture with an incredible unique flavour – there’s a subtle fruitiness to its flavour that I didn’t expect.

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This is a WONDERFUL cheese, Langres. Who needs a glass when your cheese can hold your bubbly for you? Traditionally you pour champagne into the top of this cheese and allow the bubbles to transform its demure fudginess into a brioche-laden creambomb.


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