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Love is in the air………

heart shaped cheeses

Its that time of year again, love hearts everywhere we look, roses filling flower shop nationwide! The time of year where for one day we make a real effort to show our love ones our romantic side. This maybe be for some of us something we do on a regular basic for others its a great excuse to say “i love you”. When we think of valentines day gifts we think of red roses, boxes of chocolates and you huge bear holding a love heart (well i do anyway). At Cheeses of Muswell Hill we have New ideas, this year try saying i love you with one of our ever so perfect Heart shaped cheeses. These delicious yet perfectly formed cheeses are a fantastic gift to be shared with the one you love……..and lets be honest who doesn’t love cheese!

Or if this is not for you and you would like to go down the swiss night in route……how about a Fondue 4 two! What is more romantic than a night in sharing a bubbling pot of the most amazing cheese imaginable.

In store we have plenty of ideas for a Cheesy Valentines Day!


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