Cheese of Muswell Hill Cheese Tasting Events

Whether you’re entertaining colleagues or clients, Cheeses of Muswell Hill will create a unique cheese-tasting event for you!

We offer cheese-tasting experiences for groups of 10 to 100 guests at the venue of your choice, in and around London.

Our Cheese tastings are exciting, fun and delicious, we will introduce your guests to the fabulous world of artisanal cheese from Britain and around the world. We can also pair the most fantastic and individual wines and beers to pair with cheeses.



Cheeses of Muswell Hill Tastings are led by award winning expert cheese-monger Morgan Mcglynn.
Morgan has 10 years of experience in the cheese world, spending time at dairies and farms and building close friendships with cheese makers allow her to share experiences and stories.

Morgan McGlynn owner of Cheeses of Muswell Hill, and the UK’s leading Cheese expert runs all Cheese Tastings.

She is also receindent Cheese expert on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch and is often found on the pages of time out London taking all things cheese. She is also one of the World Cheese Award Judges so there isn’t a lot she doesn’t know about cheese.

After starting Cheeses of Muswell Hill at the ages of 21, she now shares her time between running “London’s Most Loved Shop” and traveling Britain and Europe discovering the very best artisanal cheeses and bringing them back to London to sell in the shop and present at cheese tastings.

In these tasting events, we share our extraordinary knowledge of cheese and pairs these wonderful cheeses with wine, beer or champagne.


The Tasting

Our tastings range from larger corporate level events to smaller private functions. We can provide cheese talks, interactive sessions, or simply provide a beautiful selection of cheeses served by an expert monger to liven up your party.

Tailored to your needs

We design each event on a bespoke basis so it’s tailored to your needs: seated or standing, including matching wines, varied levels of instruction, interactive games.

Just tell us what you’re after!

Prices start from £30 per person 

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