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Help us build a cheese room at the shop! Read all about our crowd funding!


Cheeses of Muswell Hill is a small family run cheese shop, opened in 1982.We have been serving cheese to the people of north london for over 35 years. We love our little shop and we try to squeeze as many cheeses as we can into a very small space. We are just 7 metres long and 2.5 metres wide. 

We currently stock around 250 cheeses, but we are looking to build a cheese maturing room at the end of the shop, so we are able to stock many more. This will also allow us to have a tasting room for visiting customers – a place where you can taste, smell and have a look at all our incredible cheeses.


We need your help to build our cheese room and in return we have some amazing cheesey goodies, like cheese boards, hampers, cheese tastings and the chance to win a LIFETIME SUPPLY OF CHEESE!

Muswell Hill’s small village like community has been amazingly supportive and has played a huge part in our business over the years, and we would not be where we are today, without the help and support of the local community.

We welcomed our first customer over thirty five years ago.  From the very beginning we have championed and supported small dairies and British cheese-makers. We stock an extensive range of hand-made British cheeses from the best cheese-makers the UK has to offer. We are very passionate about supporting small farms, cheese-makers and artisan producers, and we pride ourselves on having a close relationship with everyone we buy from.   British cheesemaking has never been stronger with a new generation of artisan and urban cheesemakers bringing new flavours and varieties to market. Our dream is to be able to stock all the cheeses we have tried and loved – we just need your help doing so!

A new cheese room will enable us to increase both the volume and variety of the cheeses we stock, helping us to expand our range.

Example Cheese room at  Daylesford Farm Shop and the gourgous cheese room at La Fromagerie

The cheese room will be a separate walk-in refridgerated room at the back of the shop where cheeses can mature and customers can  taste a huge range of cheeses.


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The Cheese Room will give us:

  • Somewhere to mature cheeses.

  • More space to fit a larger variety of cheese, particularly the ever increasing variety of small artisan english cheeses.

  • A tasting room so customers can taste cheeses freely.

  • A chance to grow our business, increase profits and take on more wholesale customers.

  • The opportunity to build  new relationships with cheesemakers and farms.

  • More space to stock local produce, like cheese, jams, chuntneys from the local area.

  • The opportunity to create another job at the shop for a cheese room manager.

Our shop is very tiny (which we love) but we would like to convert the back of the shop into a “CHEESE ROOM” – this is a walk in cheese maturing room, where people will be able to taste a huge aray of cheeses.

We have had a great year after winning – Time Out’s “Most Loved Shop In London” 2016.  

Our Cheese Team last christmas! 

Throughout our history, Cheeses of Muswell Hill philosophy has been simple – we would like everyone to love cheese as much as we do.

When the company first started in 1983,  the range of cheeses was fairly limited. In the last 40 years the cheese market has changed and so has our business.


 Variety and choice of Cheeses is growing

There are around 713  named cheeses made in the UK. More than France!

Cheese producers in the UK are making award winning  Camembert and Brie which rival the best French cheeses.

Cheeses from sheep, goat, buffalo and yak milks are fast growing in popularity.

There are around 30 cheese producers in the London area and urban areas in the uk.

So as the cheese industry changes, we would like to move with it.

The Cheese shop is so perfect and we would never want to leave – especially our  beautiful Edwardian curved glass shop front. It is very well suited to us but it does need a little work to bring it into the 21st Century and to make some more space for exciting new cheeses.

Where the money will go:

  • Redoing the back for the shop.

  • Boxing out walls and creating a space for an open fronted fridge.

  • The Cold Room –  A refridgerated cold room suited to our maturing needs.  This will enable us to both mature and store our cheeses. We also aim to build a drying room to aid in the maturation of our cheese.

  • New Equipment

    • Drying Fan: 4 independent ventilators, assembled on a stainless-steel frame. An essential maturation tool.

    • Wooden maturing shelves.

    • Equipment to enable maturing.

    • A till for the cheese room.

    • Small built in sink.

    • Double glazed custom made glass.

    • Sign writing.

Creating a Cheese Room for the shop has always been a long term dream of ours and now, with your support, we can make this happen!


We would love your help to make our Cheese Room dream come true.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story and taking an interest in the shop! 

Love Morgan and the cheese shop team  xxx





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