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All of our customers ask us for advice on how best to store their cheese to keep it in peak condition. Cheese prefers cool damp conditions that are found in cellars or larders, which unfortunately are not found in many houses these days. However if cheese is kept too cold, it slows down it’s natural maturing process and it can become flavourless. If it is too warm then it will become over-ripe and mouldy and will have a strong ammonia flavour, which can be bitter and unpleasant. We recommend that you keep cheese in perlafoil or waxed paper and place a damp cloth over it to help it contain its moistness. If you’re storing it in a cellar or larder (lucky you) then best to take it out of the bag, and simply leave it in its waxed paper.It’s more likely that households have garages or sheds which are good places to store cheese but, factors such as temperature change and vermin need to be considered!  Store the cheese in a cardboard box or cheese safe/larder (if you have one) and follow the above procedures to make sure that nothing can get to the cheese. Many of us don’t have access to any of the above so in the modern home the refridgerator is the safest and best place to keep your cheese. Again keep the cheese in waxed paper and, if you want to, place it in a Tupperware box (You can buy a breathable Tupperware boxes especially for cheese).  Either place the box in the door of your fridge or in the salad compartment as these areas are not as cold as the rest of the fridge. When you are ready to eat your cheese take it out of the fridge a good hour before to let it warm to room temperature.Presentation is really up to you, we find that slate cheese boards are the best as the cheese looks great on them and they stay cool and keep the cheese in good condition. They are also easy to clean and long lasting.
Cheeses of Muswell Hill Ltd. is a registered company with company number 07857756 and registered office 13 Fortis Green Road, Muswell Hill, N10 3HP Email: Tel: 020 8444 9141
Goods may vary in appearance from the images on the website.  Images are for indicative purposes only.
Occasionally some cheeses are out of stock or season, if this situation arises, we will replace your selection with something we feel is similar to your choice and compliments the rest of you selection.  Also if we feel that your cheese is not at its peak (eg. unripe) we will replace it with something similar that is.

The minimum quantity of cut cheese is 250g roughly 8oz and we have indicated the weight of individual cheeses. As your cheese is selected and cut to suit your order, there will inevitably be a small margin of error.  In cases where we cut one of your cheeses a little underweight we will endeavour to compensate by giving you a larger piece of another of your selection.

At Cheeses we are committed to bringing you high quality cheese in peak condition. All of the cheese we send is freshly hand cut and selected personally for each individual order.

If you are not happy with any of your goods, supplied by Cheeses, you must inform us within 24 hours after delivery.  All products must be returned to us or made available for inspection.
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