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Cheese Wedding Cakes


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Cheese Celebration Cakes


Cheeses of Muswell Hill have been designing and creating the most delicious cheese wedding cakes for over 10 years. We have found that more and more people are looking for exciting new ideas for weddings and birthdays, and our cheese towers are becoming ever more popular. Often people don’t want to spent a fortune on a icing cover fruit cake where only a fraction gets eaten. That’s where our cheese wedding cakes come in; these ‘cheesecakes’ are traditional with a twist, a cheese tower that everyone can get their teeth into.


At Cheeses of Muswell Hill all our wedding cakes are tailor made to the customers budget and specification, we also over a tasting service where you are able to come into the shop and try some cheeses for the cake or order one of our tasting packs online.  We can also give you suggestions on how to dress and decorate the cake whether it be bridal flowers, or dressed with whatever fruit is in season: figs and grapes in Spring, strawberries and cherries in Summer, nuts and plums in Autumn and Winter.


Why chose a Cheese wedding Cake?


Increasingly couples are paying for their own weddings.

The bride and groom have a large involvement in choosing the cheese and exactly how they would like it to look.

Once the cake is cut it can be taken down and served as a course or as part of the buffet, therefore cutting the cost of catering hugely.

It’s a modern take on the traditional wedding cake

Most defiantly more delicious than a fruitcake.

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