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Cheese Wedding Cakes

In Recent years have seen a huge rise in the popularity of cheese wedding cakes, these towers of cheese have become hugely popular and it’s not hard to see why.Once just a novelty at a cheese mad friend’s wedding, they now make regular appearances at weddings everywhere. A tiered cheese wedding cake provides all the traditions of its sister sweet version, such as creating a centrepiece, and the symbolic cutting of the cake by the bride and groom. This Cakes are not only very atheistically please and smells great, they can be very practical. For starters, a cheese wedding cake works out significantly cheaper per head than many decent caterers will charge for a cheese course. Also, traditional and elaborate fruit or sponge cakes just aren’t to many people’s tastes, cake often goes uneaten as well after people have indulged their sweet tooth with the desert course, whereas cheese has endless nibble appeal, especially after a few drinks!
Here at Cheese of Muswell Hill we have creating Cheese Wedding Cakes of couples for over 10 years, every year more and more people are ordering our Cakes for the centre piece of their special day. We can cater to all tastes. We have 6 set cakes that can be ordered online here, we also do customised cakes this way you can chose which cakes you like best and we can come up with a quote for you. Contact details at the bottom of the page.
When it comes to decoration for your cake less is definitely more. Our most popular choice is the more simple cakes, Cheese is earthy and simple fare, trussing it up with “bling” and fancy paper flowers is not necessary, the cheese can stand alone, proud! Nevertheless, some simple adornments can complement the cake wonderfully, this works best if they are edible. Fresh sliced figs are visually effective and taste great with the cheese too, this is also true of physillis, walnuts, pears or grapes. If you must use flowers, choose a simple selection from your wedding bouquet, this nods to the occasion without overshadowing the cheese itself.
A cheese wedding cake provides you with a great opportunity to theme your cake to your wedding. For a rustic feel simply stack the cheeses on top of each other and decorate with figs, nuts, simple foliage, hessian ribbons perhaps on a wooden log base. Or for a more vintage feel involve your florist with the decoration to reflect the colours, flowers and style of your bouquet, add vintage lace ribbon or tea lights around the base.
With regards to portion sizes we recommend that you allow approximately 100g of cheese per person. You may want slightly more if the cheese is a main meal or slightly less if it is being served alongside cold meats, salads and pork pies as part of the buffet, but this gives you a rough guide to work with. It’s also a great idea to consider ordering extra servings of the top tiers, these tend to be much smaller so this ensures that all your guests will get to sample the full range of  cheeses, ad not just the larger bottom tiers.
Here are some examples of Cheese wedding Cakes we have done in the past and some cakes we just LOVE.
To arrange a tasting for a Cheese Wedding Cake Call us on 0208 444 9141 or email shop@cheesesonline.co.uk

Click here to see our set wedding cakes 

altum cheese cake


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rustic wedding cake


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