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keens cheddar

Keens Cheddar

Global Cheese Awards 2013 UK Supreme Champion and Best Regional Cheese.

This July our cheese of the month is the sensational KEENS CHEDDAR, this is traditional Farmhouse unpasturised Cheddar.

And when it comes to making cheddar the Keens family know what they are doing, The Keen family have been making Unpasteurised Keens Cheddar since 1899. Five generations later they are still at it and proudly producing world famous, award winning British Cheddar Cheese.

The Keens family believe when it comes to making cheddar, there is only one way to do it and it is a labour of love!

Firstly the milk that is used to make Keens Cheddar is produced by their own cows,( which is very rare these days)  grazing on their own land – As Somerset Cheddar Producers, the climate is perfect for growing luxurious and fresh grass, so the cows have a fantastic diet of lushest grass.

George Keens with cows

The cheese making process begins within 12 hours of milking. The milk is not stored. The milk is not transported (well, maybe the 50 yards to the dairy). The milk is not tampered with. They use only raw, unpasteurised milk. This is why you will find the cheese to be a playground of exciting flavours.

keens making

At Keens they use  a hand making process, all decisions about what to do next, how to do it, why to do it and how long to do it for are made by a real life person, not a brainless piece of machinery….. This is just one of the reasons the cheese is a true artisan product and not just a chip off the old block. You could say it has truly unique personality.

George Keen, Keen's Cheddar Cheese (10th February 2010)

The cheddar is then made in a round mould, the traditional way. Then it really is pampered. For three days it is pressed and bathed in hot water. This ensures it behaves like true cheddar should with a super crumbly texture. It is then given its own spot on a shelf where it matures gracefully for up to 12 months.

And the end product is………cheddar perfection.

keens cheddar












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