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Bella Italia

Truffle Pecorino

The sun is finally starting to creep through the clouds here in london, so its time to get ready for summer! When I think of summer I think of cheese boards in the sunshine with wine, olives, good bread and Italian food.

In the cheese shop this week we have had lots of new seasonal arrivals, including the most delicious array of Italian foods. Firstly Truffle Pecorino; this is a firm dolce pecorino with black truffle mixed in with the curd. We are big Truffle fans in the shop so we  LOVE this!

The perfect partner for the Truffle Pecorino is our Baked Fig Balls . These paired with soft dolce pecorino cheese is a marriage made in heaven. From Cosenza, Calabria, in southern Italy, the fig ball is a traditional and ingenious way of preserving the juicy Dottato variety of figs that are unique to this region.

One of my favourite dinners in the evening after a long day in the shop is fresh tagliatelle, with french Pesto and a very generous helping of Parmigiano Reggiano Parmesan! There is nothing better than that….so when I tried Seggiano’s Raw Basil Pesto…….just WOW! Made from their own fresh Ligurian basil, this is a fabulous, raw, unpasteurised pesto packed with fresh, aromatic flavours. The tender top leaves are washed, chopped and preserved in olive oil within hours of being hand picked.

And finally the Beautiful Easter Cake an italian tradition at this time of year the the light, aromatic dough is made with fresh organic eggs, flavoured with candied orange peels, leavened using a mother yeast and topped with almonds! Perfect for Easter Sunday get togethers!

Below are some of our other amazing italian produce!

Italian cheese

Italian cheese


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