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Cheeses of Muswell Hill, is a family run business that believes in high quality, handmade produce. We are a maturer, retailer, wholesaler and exporter of farmhouse and artisan British
cheeses. We are based in the leafy suburb of Muswell Hill in North London. We welcomed our first customer over thirty fiveyears ago and right from the start we havechampioned and supported small dairies andBritish cheese-makers. We stock an extensiverange of hand-made british cheeses; from thebest cheese makers the UK has to offer.Cheeses of Muswell Hill is owned and run byMorgan McGlynn who has worked in the cheese industry since the age of 21. She is dedicated to introducing the best british cheeses to as wide a public as possible. Alongside Morgan is George Lang, a former chef and a cheese expert who is dedicated to finding new british produce and specialises in West Country cheeses. Throughout our history, Cheeses of Muswell Hill philosophy has been simple; we would like everyone to love cheese as much as we do. Following the success of the shop, we have now expanded our wholesale business so we are able to cater not only to London but across the country. We are supplying delicatessens, farm shops, restaurants and cheese shops throughout
the UK. We offer flexibility on order management, and
workable minimum order quantities. Plus advice
and support from us as cheese specialise.