In Pursuit of Cheeseyness



After 10 years of being a Cheesemonger and owner of Cheeses of Muswell Hill, cheese shop. Last week I was honoured to judge the 30th annual

Meet The Makers : Blackwoods Cheese

Blackwood Cheese Company       Founded in June 2013, Blackwoods Cheese Company produce raw milk soft cow’s cheese. All of our cheeses are made

Vacherin Mont D’or

Vacherin Mont D’or is a particularly rich, creamy, melts in the mouth, more-ish soft cheese. From the same family as Brie and Camembert. Its more

Cheese Making in Hereford

As often as we can, the staff at Cheeses of Muswell try to visit as many suppliers as possible. We buy direct from over 50

Vote For Us in the OFM awards

One of our lovely customers, in Muswell Hill put us forward for the Observer Food Monthly Awards. Which is a fantastic award, that gives customers